Welcome to my website. My name is Alessio, and my job is to help the Naples hotel accommodation to be found by tourists.

I do this job for over eight years, and in that time I realized that nobody has ever thought of doing the opposite, helping tourists find the best solutions to organize their trip to Italy, in Naples.

That's the reason why this site was created, financed in both time and resources solely on my own, and some spontaneous donation.
I'm free, free to speak the truth about how the facts really are, free to tell you about my town, give you valuable hints, tips and secrets.
I apologize from now if the site is not finished yet, but if you need more assistance, please contact me via the contact page.
I hope your trip to Napoli is the most beautiful of your life!
See you soon.

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The 5 things that you must try to eat in Naples

  1. Traditional, stuffed or fried pizza. 
  2. Hot pastry
  3. Hot Neapolitans Taralli, with almonds, pepper and a beer
  4. i'll tell you soon...
  5. I'll tell you soon...

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